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on ability and relevance

The first time that blogger failed, I had a post up announcing that “glasses are sexy!” along with the following picture: sexy glasses Shortly afterward, I met with a friend for lunch, who casually expressed surprise, “You know, Nahida, that … Continue reading

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In case you haven’t heard, the rapture has been postponed to October. I poke fun at those who believed it, but it’s fair for anyone to say that my beliefs are equally absurd. I personally don’t think so. =P But … Continue reading

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The People of Sodom

were serial rapists, who drank heavily, attacked visitors in gangs, lusted after the power of angels, knew first hand of God but refused morality and cheated and lied and thieved. And raped. RAPED. Over and over. In mobs. Do you … Continue reading

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Islamic History and the Women You Never Hear About: Wallada bint al-Mustakfi

Cordoba, Spain. Wallada bint al-Mustakfi was a poetess, who both wrote and inspired poetry, and is said to have been an ideal beauty for her time. (Blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin–that was always a thing, apparently.) Al-Mustakfi is … Continue reading

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an email

SalamAlaikum Nahida, First I want to say that I really love your blog, and I hope you don’t take this too hard, or the wrong way. I read your post about hair a few weeks ago, and I felt like … Continue reading

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practicing feminism: compliments

I can’t remember the very first experience. All I know is that it took a couple of times to get it right, to conform to what is the culturally acceptable response for a girl who had just been complimented. What … Continue reading

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Hadith are used as tools to understand the Qur’an. Whether or not they should be used at all is up for debate and has been a subject of great controversy. It’s been noticed here that I rarely use hadith–the reason … Continue reading

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