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The End of November

I know the holidays are approaching, and I want to wish those who are celebrating a wonderful season. I personally will be enjoying the weeks off reading while buried in a sea of blankets and imagining that it is snowing … Continue reading

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Muslim aliens

Dear readers! An intriguing and urgent question has been dropped into my inbox! Would Muslims on Venus only have to pray 5 times every 243 Earth days? Since Venus rotates backwards, would they say the prayers in reverse order? What … Continue reading

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Islamic Interpretations–Learning Rugged Individualism from Fatimah bint Qays and A’isha

Over the centuries the greatest loss to the Islamic community has not only been the lack of vigilant participation of strong, opinionated, and unrepentant women but the increasing intolerance of differences in jurisdictions without breaking Islam into sects. The differences … Continue reading

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“What’s your nationality?”

You mean ethnicity. Well, I like parallel universes and far away places and standing on a balcony in the cool night air watching the lights in the mountains. Sometimes I’m shy around animals and accidentally play treble clef with my … Continue reading

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Representing Women

I’ve noticed that highly intelligent women who are anti-feminist have a tendency to examine their own nature and proclaim conclusively that feminists are full of shit, limiting social functionality to biology. And while feminists are inclined to be much more … Continue reading

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Appreciating Social Justice from the Unseen

I want to talk about ji’had (struggle), and I want to talk about it at its most basic elementary level to demonstrate how it relates to social justice, and, is essentially, at the core of striving toward it. And I … Continue reading

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“Don’t call me special.”

An instructor in New Jersey threatens a student, who records in on camera. Watch the video here, embedded at the top of the article. Trigger warning. Serious trigger warning. The student makes a simple request, and his voice is calm … Continue reading

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