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Good in Bed

Happy Spring Break! Unfortunately I have essays to write. =P Too many to be good in bed.

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Why I don’t give a damn that you have a linguistic issue with ‘FEMinist’

mankind manpower manfully headmaster firemen policemen mailmen man-eating You got a problem with ‘feminist’ because the word inherently excludes you? Check your privilege and get the hell over it. You can treat women equally as much as you like but … Continue reading

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Lilith / Eve, a Question of Translation

Has it been over a week since I’d last written? Hi. It’s me. Are you still there? =P I haven’t much time, unfortunately. But here’s an entry of what’s been on my mind, though hastily written. If you remember from … Continue reading

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Whenever I’m asked to write an autobiographical section following a piece, I’m astounded that anyone cares or would be interested. Besides, what information could I possibly provide that would disclose who I am adequately? Could I encompass my entire being … Continue reading

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Rejecting Your Sense of Justice is Rejecting a Device of God

This post is brought to you by a bewildering conversation I had a while ago in which an XY tried to mansplain to me that his interpretation of a specific verse pertaining to women is not unjust because it is … Continue reading

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some notes on romance

As lately I’ve been unable to write on weekdays, this will be brief. With the qualification that “every issue is a women’s issue” I’m sure this relates to feminism in some way, though I’m uncertain exactly where to fasten the … Continue reading

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My friend Mike composed a stunning piece and gave it to me. (Incidentally, he’s in love with me.) It’s elegant and haunting, and sometimes it sounds like tentative hope.

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