So have we all just accepted

that I am not coming back, like ever?

Coming back regularly like I used to, I mean. I don’t know if anyone who’s been here since the beginning to see how frequently I used to post about Islamic misconceptions and badass women in Islamic history is sticking around anticipating a return to the regular pattern. It’s not a change of heart, I would assure you. I just have two jobs now and a number of Master’s classes. I wasn’t working as frequently before; I was a (relatively stable) B.A. student. After this strange transitional phase where I’m an adult who’s really a half-adult on account of I haven’t bought a house and am working 2 jobs and studying for my Master’s, I’m hoping to be back like before. I will be settled then.

I’ll see you on the other side?

I’m not sure if I like this very much. I knew the moment I was grown up was when I found myself giving a friend kitchenware instead of books or CDs as a gift. I had an OH MY GOD. I AM A (BORING) GROWN-UP NOW. moment. Kitchenware! Can you believe it? There I was holding a set of DISHES!

A set of dishes, for Chrissake.

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