So have we all just accepted

that I am not coming back, like ever?

Coming back regularly like I used to, I mean. I don’t know if anyone who’s been here since the beginning to see how frequently I used to post about Islamic misconceptions and badass women in Islamic history is sticking around anticipating a return to the regular pattern. It’s not a change of heart, I would assure you. I just have two jobs now and a number of Master’s classes. I wasn’t working as frequently before; I was a (relatively stable) B.A. student. After this strange transitional phase where I’m an adult who’s really a half-adult on account of I haven’t bought a house and am working 2 jobs and studying for my Master’s, I’m hoping to be back like before. I will be settled then.

I’ll see you on the other side?

I’m not sure if I like this very much. I knew the moment I was grown up was when I found myself giving a friend kitchenware instead of books or CDs as a gift. I had an OH MY GOD. I AM A (BORING) GROWN-UP NOW. moment. Kitchenware! Can you believe it? There I was holding a set of DISHES!

A set of dishes, for Chrissake.

About Nahida

Nahida writes novels she never finishes, shorter creative pieces, and bad poetry. She has interests in Islam, feminism, philosophy, astronomy, neurology, and daydreaming, and lives by the San Andreas Fault.
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