tweet !

In case anyone’s wondering (and for anyone who misses me) I tweet in two places:

@haraammermaids (associated with this website)

and also here (personal, goes in and out of being private)

Any other twitter handle that resembles me–isn’t.

(Also, I made a thing.)

P.S. I am likely to write my MFA thesis on feminist interpretations of the Qu’ran. (If the university is okay with it) I could include it in posts here, and in that case we’d be back to regular again–because drafts of it would very much like this website does. Also, I like giving you awesome information.

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4 Responses to tweet !

  1. nmr says:

    As much as I like receiving awesome information, your MFA may be copyrighted material and the university might have a problem with you posting pieces of its innards on this website. I know this sounds crazy, but intellectual property rights are crazy. Just check with some administrative person and make sure it is ok.

  2. Ibtisam says:

    I, for one, would love that. I miss your feministing.


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