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Nahida writes novels she never finishes, shorter creative pieces, and bad poetry. She has interests in Islam, feminism, philosophy, astronomy, neurology, and daydreaming, and lives by the San Andreas Fault.

Her Voice: “What kind of people threaten their children like that?”

(Totally disapprove of the roots of MEMRI TV. But this little girl. I don’t even care about political nonsense.)

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experiences in racism vs. sexism

I really wish we didn’t have to pick and choose. For the last couple of years, I’ve remotely attempted to examine what it is that compels certainly people to feel one more strongly than the other. One of my distant … Continue reading

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Why exactly I’m so outraged and you should be too

Zimmerman was acquitted because he couldn’t be convicted beyond reasonable doubt. This means even if you believe a defendant is guilty, if there is not enough evidence, you must return to a verdict of not guilty. Except that, oddly, Zimmerman … Continue reading

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In 2007, a black man was convicted of manslaughter for shooting a 17-year-old white teenager who had threatened his son.

A Suffolk County jury on Saturday night found a black man guilty of manslaughter for shooting of an unarmed white teenager outside the man’s house last year, ending a racially charged trial. The jury began deliberating on Wednesday, and on … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman deserved to have his head smashed into the pavement according to Florida state logic.

Clearly, Trayvon was acting in self-defense. Unfortunately, the kid didn’t have a gun. (Apparently if he had, it would have been, like, LEGIT self-defense.) So he punched Zimmerman in the nose. Maybe he also bashed his head into the pavement. … Continue reading

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America’s message

You have no right to stand your ground. Allow yourself to be followed and profiled silently. Do not defend yourself. A fist to the nose is aggression, not defense, even if you are followed. Everything about you is wrong. You … Continue reading

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