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“Not Even Birthday Cake?”; Coping With (Non-Muslims’) Reactions During Ramadan

When I was small, my schoolyard friends would gasp in shock at the idea of going without food or water for as long as a drop of sunlight hit the pavement. (“All day?” they’d marvel with the same tone that … Continue reading

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“When are you getting married?”; or, Why We Need Married Heroines

While I was East Coasting it recently, the 10-year-old daughter of one of my friends dashed through the door of my hotel room and flipped herself onto the bed. “Where have you BEEN?” Everywhere. The answer was everywhere. But seeing … Continue reading

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In case you wanted to know why I always place sex before race

If you hadn’t heard, there was a fake hashtag trending on Twitter that specifically targeted black women by impersonating them. When it came to light that a number of these accounts were fake, the man who started them had this … Continue reading

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The Initial Unravelling

And God created humankind, so that we may be guardians of the Earth. When Lilith was born, a quiescent soul in the full formation of a woman, she gazed only at the vast, flower-covered land across her dark eye. In the … Continue reading

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Objectivity Isn’t.

I read an article on Al Jazeera recently, which I linked on a social media site and was initially not going to link on this blog, because quite frankly it is anti-black. I’ve decided to link it to first address … Continue reading

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Critique and Complacency in Examining Gender as a Performance

A couple of years ago, photographs of men in stereotypical ‘pin-up’ poses circulated the Internet. The photographs, featuring men accessorized with ‘masculine’ items but contorted in ‘feminine’ poses, are by artist Rion Sabean, and I encountered them rather early on … Continue reading

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