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Forced sterilization is wrong. At any and all times. (or, Why Men Don’t Talk About Abortion 101)

This post is brought to you by a couple of commenters on the last post (their comments have not been accepted) advocating forced sterilization for those neurologically atypical. Are you kidding me? You do not have the right to anyone’s … Continue reading

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The Mosque and (In)Accessibility

Recently a friend of mine sent me a 25-minute video in the mail titled “We Will Not Be Hidden” about disabled Muslims and the (lack of) accessibility in mosques. Most of those who spoke in the video made points I … Continue reading

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“Don’t call me special.”

An instructor in New Jersey threatens a student, who records in on camera. Watch the video here, embedded at the top of the article. Trigger warning. Serious trigger warning. The student makes a simple request, and his voice is calm … Continue reading

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on ability and relevance

The first time that blogger failed, I had a post up announcing that “glasses are sexy!” along with the following picture: sexy glasses Shortly afterward, I met with a friend for lunch, who casually expressed surprise, “You know, Nahida, that … Continue reading

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Where Feminism Falls Short

Womanist Musings posted yesterday about feminists persistently neglecting to come to the defense of any woman who is not white, able-bodied, or class-privileged. If someone so much as gives the side eye to Hillary Clinton, one can be certain that … Continue reading

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Cut out the ableism.

On my last entry some of you submitted a couple of infuriatingly and heart-breakingly ableist comments. If this is only because you are unfamiliar with what ableism is, I’m not going to tell you. It’s not my job. I’m not … Continue reading

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