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on the student debt crisis

There is one. It’s a crisis by which I am decidedly unaffected. I will be graduating this spring with a B.A. and zero debt. I chose my university according to my budget. I won’t be paying my own (nonexistent) student … Continue reading

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Why Anti-Choice is Pro-Genocide, and Uncomfortable Things about Birth Control

Incorporated into the recent war on women is the acknowledgement that women of color, expressly black women, have been sterilized against their will and made to struggle for their reproductive right to produce a family. There have also been—and are—imperialistic … Continue reading

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IKEA’s Literal Erasure of Women

The catalogue photo to the left was released in Sweden; the one to the right was released in Saudi. To the right, the woman has conspicuously vanished from the photo. While I don’t deny that this is indicative of Saudi’s … Continue reading

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And they leave everything. And they would come.

Because there was a dream of course. The American dream. That you were not confined to your class. That you had the freedom–the freedom!–to live like you worked. It has been long dead but the illusion lives on! I found … Continue reading

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The War On Women, the War Over Us, and the War Among Us

“What you have is, is Mitt Romney running around the country saying ‘Well, my wife tells me what women really care about is economic issues, and when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.’ Guess what? His wife … Continue reading

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Internalization and Self-Sacrifice

Tragically, as many Muslim women both wordlessly comply and actively contribute to systems of oppression established by men i.e. choosing to stand behind barriers and believing that staying in an abusive relationship is a duty, the feminist is faced with … Continue reading

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