Nahida was born on a blazing hot day in Winter–coincidentally, International Women’s Day. She is a Muslim, a feminist, an Islamic feminist, and a Californian. She enjoys climbing trees, writing, red lipstick, astronomy, singing, garden path sentences, deceptive boxes, the Oxford comma, Kurt Vonnegut, playing with her pet spider Charlotte, and apparently referring to herself in the third person. Much to her astonishment and dismay, her total bitchiness is easily circumvented by sweetness and sincerity (and also tiny babies.) She is a sucker for poetry and silvery butterfly clips, and in her moments of absurdity is able to rhyme lines off the top of her head. Her passion is sure to be her downfall. She would trade her long raven hair and an eyeball to know the secrets of the universe. You don’t really know who she is until you’ve read her writing. She is slightly preposterous. You should not believe everything you hear from her. She does not really have a pet spider named Charlotte.

Nahida is a mermaid. This is a secret.