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Why I don’t give a damn that you have a linguistic issue with ‘FEMinist’

mankind manpower manfully headmaster firemen policemen mailmen man-eating You got a problem with ‘feminist’ because the word inherently excludes you? Check your privilege and get the hell over it. You can treat women equally as much as you like but … Continue reading

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Rejecting Your Sense of Justice is Rejecting a Device of God

This post is brought to you by a bewildering conversation I had a while ago in which an XY tried to mansplain to me that his interpretation of a specific verse pertaining to women is not unjust because it is … Continue reading

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Did Rush Limbaugh Seriously Just Tell Feminists That He Wants to Watch Them Have Sex?

Limbaugh, inventor of the infamous term “feminazi”, has insulted women across America. If you haven’t heard, Republicans prevented women from testifying at the House contraceptive hearing and instead arranged for a panel of all dudes to have a dudely discussion … Continue reading

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