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Abortion is a right. At any and all times. (or, American Principles 101)

This post is brought to you by some schmuck who took it upon himself during an abortion debate, in which he was distressed that I would legalize late-term abortions, to inform me that there is no such thing as inalienable … Continue reading

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Why I don’t give a damn that you have a linguistic issue with ‘FEMinist’

mankind manpower manfully headmaster firemen policemen mailmen man-eating You got a problem with ‘feminist’ because the word inherently excludes you? Check your privilege and get the hell over it. You can treat women equally as much as you like but … Continue reading

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The Compassion Principle

(noun) A principle inherent in religion; an interpretational device applied to religious texts and religious practice that emphasizes the religion’s essential expression of compassion as it should be emphasized, in assuring that the religion remains true to itself in reinforcing … Continue reading

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