protests in Egypt

I am constantly thankful for Al Jazeera English’s real journalism, particularly now for amazing coverage of the protests in Egypt. Great admiration for those in Egypt, as well as in Tunisia, who are beginning a revolution against corrupt governments and for the adherence to true human rights and establishment of freedoms.
Here is the live stream, which I highly encourage everyone to see!

8 thoughts on “protests in Egypt

  1. So the party about to take over are more liberals than Mubarak? There is no risk of a more fundamentalist government after Egyptians kick out their corrupt leader? I'd really love if you could reassure me about this. I don't trust the Muslim Brotherhood to bring forward progress in the women's condition. If I am wrong in thinking so, please, please explain to me so I can feel less anxious about this whole event! You obviously know better than me what is going on. What do you think will happen?

  2. Oh, there is always a risk! The Muslim Brotherhood seem quite fundamentalist. Unfortunately. But the protests have much more to do with the economic state of the country than anything else. There are high levels of poverty. The government is basically autocratic, and there's absurd amounts of corruption. A revolution is needed, and revolutions are never clean. If it stops there–with only overturning the government and establishing one that is more democratic–and Egptian women are not denied their current rights to work, dress as the please, and go where they want, all will be well. Of course, seeing as the Muslim Brotherhood are on the fundamentalist side, it may not stop there.I don't trust them. But I do trust that the women of Egypt will not let themselves be prevented from practicing their rights! If revolutions happen in series, which has happened before, that will be the next one.

  3. Another thing: this revolution is more about being Egyptian than being Muslim. There is a large population of Christians–and people of different faiths are all defending each other and their rights to practice their respective faiths. There are reports of Chrisitans protecting Muslims as they pray and Muslims protecting Chrsitian churches as human shields. So while I can't be very reassuring (these are uncertain times) I have this rising faith that fundamentalism will not interfere with the good of humankind.

  4. Well, I am willing to cast my anxiety aside and have hope just like you. I want to believe women will not let themselves be crushed into slavery again. Thank you for answering my question promptly, I appreciate it! ♥Is it ok if I post the following screencap on my blog? would of course give The Fatal Feminist's address as the source. :)

  5. Also, the Iranian government probably hates that Mubarak was a pawn for the US. I doubt they care who replaces him or how extreme or not the person is, as long as the next one isn't a pawn for the US.


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