"Redefining" Rape

I’m sure everyone’s heard of this bill already. “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” is a bill that attempts to limit the definition of rape to “forcible” rape–which is also not defined. Forcible rape is not defined and left to interpretation.
And we know how that goes.

Under this new bill, if you were drugged and raped, it does not count as rape. If you’re 14 and you’re impregnated by someone over 18, it does not count as rape. There’s an incest exception for minors; if you were raped by a family member while you were 18 or over, it does not count as rape. Coercion doesn’t count as rape under this bill, power differentials are not taken into consideration–if you were raped by your commander or professor or someone “above” you, if you never said “no” because you were afraid of the (sometimes physical) consequences, it will not count as rape.
I am too shocked and infuriated to say anything more on the matter.

6 thoughts on “"Redefining" Rape

  1. There is a huge movement of protest and outrage in the feminist community to keep it from being passed. I haven't heard of anyone who is okay with this, but that's probably because they wouldn't be in my social circle, so I personally don't know how strong the opposition is. The fact that the bill exists at all means that there are people who agree with it.We can only try our hardest.



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