It doesn’t stop.

Today a Muslim man tried to mansplain to me that one of my posts overlooked the fact that “men and women are different” and women have “feminine morality” (WTF?!) and that women tend to approach justice from a “care perspective” rather than a “logical perspective,” and scholars have decided when we need prefer the “logic perspective.” And then! Get this: he said that men are more concerned with equality than women are. (No, dumbass, they aren’t. That’s why we are here.)
And then he referred to a study to prove that women are caring and this prevents us from being logical. He did this in an Islamic Feminism group, and he identifies himself as a Muslim feminist.
This is so beneath me. I can’t believe I’m writing about it. If you’ve been reading this, you can probably predict that my reaction to him was, STFU and GTFO! But I couldn’t actually respond that way, because it would “prove” I am overemotional and “incapable of logic.” But of course, if a man responded by punching him in the face, he would be awesomely manly.
I told him things like “this crap is an exploitation of evolution.” and “let’s use ONE study as a blanket over ALL WOMEN. We would NEVER do this to men, because men are privileged enough not to have to represent their entire sex with everything they do” and “God has found her witness sufficient, who cares about anyone else? Not only does this claim that she is inherently different in approaching justice rather than these differences being a social construct, but that the ‘feminine perspective’ is inferior and the ‘logic potential’ (because caring people cannot be logical apparently) should be preferred over ‘care perspective'” and “the differences between men and women have been blown up to a degree to which they do not exist.” We are all viewed as archetypes of masculinity and femininity and not individuals.
You can see that in the entry we were discussing, I used only the Qur’an to dissect what God was telling us–that men and women are equal as witnesses. I threw out the misconception by presenting the actual text in the Qur’an. And so this guy comes along, pulls evo psych out of his ass, and reinforces the misconception through an irrelevant and obscure study, because he could no longer do it with the actual word of God. Men will stop at nothing.

A lot of people accuse feminists of not wanting to offer real criticism or engage in debate. This is absurd, because we argue all the time. We even argue about benign shit and indirectly accuse writers of not writing from approved lists of topic. We jump at every opportunity to argue. Just not with you. Because you, are an imbecile. You will bring up shit that we’ve already addressed and successfully countered to the point of being SICK of the topic, and you will act like you’re a fucking genius and you’ve come up with it for the FIRST TIEMZ EVARS. You will assume that, because we are women and feminists, we have not studied this and critiqued our theories against it. Because women are not capable of logical critiquing! LET ME SAVE YOUR SOUL WOMANZ!
I took the time to tell him–a “feminist”–all this, but if he responds, I’m not going to bother. There are bigger problems. There are actual things to be done.
If you’re a man, please check in your privilege at the door. Because I really, really don’t want to deal with it. Thanks. And thank you to the men who have commented here and are actually in the pursuit of justice.
I will probably be taking down this post, because it does nothing productive being here, and because I just wanted to vent. ‘Cause, you know, I’m emotional like that.

I am leaving it up, because women are fickle.

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t stop.

  1. And so this guy comes along, pulls evo psych out of his ass, and reinforces the misconception through an irrelevant and obscure study, because he could no longer do it with the actual word of God. Men will stop at nothing.But Nahida! Doesn't God communicate that we are inferior by evolutionary reducing our physical strength? You can't look at JUST the Qur'an. God has many ways of telling women we are inferior!/sarcasm


  2. Damn my limited womanbrain! This is why only men should interpret the will of God. How can a woman possibly use all kinds of irrelevant–I mean valuable–information to put words to God's will?


  3. almostclever

    Wow, I love when men throw the "logic" ball at us, as if we are all emotional lushes unable to make clear decisions.Yes, women are the majority in university's because we are illogical, eh? I mean, saying we lack logic is saying we are illogical. What a fucking insult… Oops.. sorry I was showing some emotion!!! Ridiculous.


  4. According to them, we are admitted into universities because of affirmative action, and public schools are anti-male and focus too much on "educational methods that cater to women." Never mind that every novel you read in English class is written by a man.



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