Nahida is 21.

Until I acquire a decent camera, you are all subject to sleazy shots from my webcam.


This is supposed to be an important birthday I hear, because the non-Muslim type people drink and stuff. Cheers?

It’s soda, obviously. =P

Today is International Women’s Day as well, so celebrate strength, power, passion, resolve, and love.

34 thoughts on “Nahida is 21.

  1. Jenny

    Our darling Nahida:

    You have this terrible habit of cutting your eyes out of photos. We want to see!

    Happy Birthday,
    love Jenny

    And Happy International Women’s day everyone!!

  2. almostclever

    It looks like grape drink! Haha… My go-to is orange juice, in a fancy glass… lol

    Have a wonderful day. And when I finally graduate and move out to Cali, I shall be coming to smother you in hugs!

  3. Keji

    Happy Birthday Nahida!!! :-D

    May Allah bless you with many, many more birthdays; an abudnance of love and happiness.

    Have a brilliant day and slide over a slice of cake will ya ;-D

  4. Nahida <3

    Happy happy birthday! 21 is special somehow. I think. Or so I was told :p

    Wishing you a birthday that signals a year of special-ness.

    love you so much

  5. Nahida!!
    I just saw this; tried calling but I think it was the middle of the night? I left voicemail. for the first time in my life (we don’t have voice mail over here) so forgive my sounding like a squeaky duck.

    I love you.
    Hope you had an awesome birthday – you are why IWD exists.

    1. Zeina!! It was like 10ish when you called, I was sitting in class and I couldn’t pick up!! I was so heartbroken when I saw the call was coming in from Lebanon–I would have dashed outside to answer had I been seated by the door! Instead I waited in anguish as my phone vibrated. I tried calling you back but it wouldn’t go through. I received your voicemail message that you left… you don’t have any voicemail over there? Really? o.o Anyway, you sounded lovely and nothing like a squeaky duck. I love you too <3

  6. Happy Birthday, Nahida!! It is so fitting that you share your birthday with International Women’s Day!! Love the pic of you in all that red :-)

  7. Happy 21st Birthday,Nahida! I was wondering where you were in FB :) And I didn’t know you were this young either! May Allah bless you with much success and happiness! Ameen!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday! You’re seven months younger than me. Aww widdle baby diddums! But you have wisdom beyond your years.

    I like your sleazy webcam pics. I use my webcam too. I keep changing my pic because I want to have a photo of myself on my blog, but I don’t want people to easily identify me for various reasons, like my family not knowing I’m gay and stuff. But because you took that sleazy webcam pic, I have to say this:

    hai cutie ur hot lol
    do u have a boyfriend?
    let’s private cam2cam
    do u wanna see my underwear pics lol
    u wanna be my girlfeind
    k give me ur number
    ps i lov u

    1. Thank you!! LAWL ahahaha “do you wanna see my underwear pics” is a new one. xD What should measure how impressed I am? =P Striped underwear? Polka dots? Fish?

  9. Happy belated birthday. By the way a lot of non-muslims celebrate the birthdays without alcohol. Many non-muslims are good with just having family and friends around.

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