Nahida, you have not been writing. Did you think you could just post a couple of entries involving pictures of badass women holding guns and provocative poetry, and we wouldn’t notice you haven’t actually been writing? Tried to pull a fast one, did you? I AM ON TO YOU, WOMAN!

Well in my defense it is finals week; of course, that is a shoddy defense (shhh!), considering I don’t really study. I have tried. But I daydream every fifteen minutes. So it’s not that I don’t have time to post… it’s that if I spend time writing instead of studying, which I am not going to do anyway, I will feel anxious thinking I could be studying. Even though I won’t anyway. It’s all very complicated. Not really.

But I assure you I have been working hard! Here is proof:

Pictured: Your author fastidiously clasping her hands over a textbook.

Not pictured: Aforementioned textbook. Suspiciously.

Why does your author have a dreamy expression on her face, as though she is thinking of sea monsters instead of classes? Do not ask her. She will lie.

I will return in less than a fortnight! *kiss*

13 thoughts on “finals!

  1. Hahaha! Your study technique sounds similar to mine. Sit in room wasting time, doing anything but looking at the books. Go downstairs to eat something. Drink water. Hate myself for not starting studying earlier. Don’t do anything useful – that will mean admitting that you’re not studying. Wonder if the knowledge will diffuse into my head if I sit in the same room as my books all day. Repeat.

    Also, you look beautiful in that picture! Someone should paint you! And I love those gold flowery bangley things. I need to get some accessories like that. I look too plain and boring.


  2. Thank you everyone! <3

    Winterwind, that is exactly my routine, except it ends in putting my open textbook faced-down on my head (not in it, mind you) as though it were a hat as I watch youtube videos and expectantly await diffusion. As a Muslim woman I feel particularly inclined to put things on my head.


    1. I sympathise. As a Hindu, I have a similar problem. I can’t walk past animals, rivers, stones and inanimate objects without falling to my knees and worshipping them. It’s very annoying, particularly when I’m trying to jog in the park and people keep running past me with their dogs.

      I still think you’d make a good model for a painting in that pose. I’ve even come up with a title: “Portrait of the Procrastinating Madonna, Head Bowed as She Meditates on Life’s Impermanence and Avoids Studying.”


      1. How very aggravating! We should jog together, since dogs are apparently haraam. So I won’t have one to bother you. With your worshipping and my textbook hats everyone will be too afraid to walk past us. They will slowly cross to the other side.

        I like the title! If anyone decides to paint me I will tell them!


  3. That was a funny post =) You look really beautiful in the picture!
    I’m supposed to be writing my thesis, but I guess the subject is not really my cup of tea because I keep putting it off.
    Good luck! I’m sure the diffusion will do the trick! ;-)


  4. Coolred38

    Just finished my finals…and my Associates degree. I can’t say Im much of a studier myself…I tend to plan for it, think about doing it, make time for it…then generally skip over content or glance meaningfully at the text book gathering dust on the table. It must be working for me though as I finished as I started this whole shebang…with great marks. no sleep, and a worse case of procrastination than I started with.

    Good luck…



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