showy menstruation

I haven’t done this in forever, but it’s that time of month again. Which means–nail polish! (Here is an explanation. Basically, according to mainstream interpretation nail polish creates a barrier to the nail for the cleansing ritual before prayer, so Muslim women tend to only wear it when they are not obligated to pray–during menstruation, which has developed a reputation of impurity. Sometimes Muslim women are asked why they are wearing it [“Do you want everyone to know you’re menstruating?!”] as though menstruation is shameful, to which I say LOOK AT MY NAILS THEY ARE SO PRETTY!)

I decided to try metallics this week, and began with a rose gold color named “Penny Talk.”

Penny Talk by Essie

I don’t think I much like the foil-y look, but I do like sparkles and (though you can’t tell in the picture) I applied a top of coat of them on the nail of the ring finger, from a little bottle of Essie labeled “A Cut Above.”

A Cut Above by Essie

There you have it. I’m not much a nail polish kind of person (I don’t miss it when I’m not menstruating like I would miss, say, red lipstick–thank God I can wear red lipstick whenever I want) and so far I only have 2 colors that I really actually love seeing on my nails. (Not these.) So I might do a nail polish giveaway some time after the lingerie one, since it is like a thing about this website.

10 thoughts on “showy menstruation

  1. Ida

    The last time I got that look was from a male architect; who asked me why I was wearing it, to which I replied, why not? Plus, when I got fired from my job, my male boss accused me of being ‘not a good woman’, (cause I asked for a raised) and pointed to my nails as case in point.
    I’m from Malaysia


  2. Leno

    Gosh your nails are always so pretty. I really love this colour – a neutral with a zing. And the name…

    On another note have you heard about Inglot Cosmetics releasing a new line of permeable polish called O2M which will allow Muslim women the freedom to wear polish as they please. Some people have tested and it does in deed let water pass through for wudu. I know it’s superficial but I’m really excited about this product. And the prospect about confusing so many men who get embarrassed thinking they know that I’m on my period.

    You can read the full article here:


  3. Tiffany

    Such pretty colours. I’ve started wearing polish more this past year (although might try to curb my enthusiasm now — it’s tough to balance lovely self-care things with the wastefulness; can’t think of a way to remove polish without disposable cotton balls… Some days I want to listen to my inner aesthete rather than the environmental scientist).
    Leno, what a cool product release!


  4. I thought I recognized A Cut Above, I also have it. Love pink and love sparkles! :D
    Hey, what do you think of the new polish that came out by Inglot that allows oxygen and water to seep through?



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