happy panties

I can’t go swimming today.

My menstrual cycle is all like, ‘Oh, were you planning on having fun today Nahida? HAHA NOPE.’ Just like how it’s always like, ‘Are these your favorite panties, Nahida? Let’s ruin them!’ and, ‘Were you going to sleep with that guy, Nahida? Not anymore!’ Even when I’m all like, ‘I couldn’t sleep with him anyway!’ my menstrual cycle is all like, ‘Yeah but, we both know what you were thinking.’

Menstruation is a very effective haraam police. (OMG let’s shut up before we give the male ulema any ideas.)

I suppose the bright side is it’s kind of cold, so I couldn’t go swimming anyway (if you can call that a bright side), and also it’s Spring Break and my mother would not approve of my choice of bathing suits probably definitely.

Alas, I do not have nail polish pictures for you this month, because I am going on a very short trip tomorrow, and I like my nails natural. So instead I will post panties that make me happy, because the fatal feminist is apparently not scandalous enough.

happy panties
happy panties

(Thankfully, I will not be posting a photo of myself wearing them.)

I typically dislike animal print but these make me giggle. It’s leopard lace and multi-colored palm leaves.

Do you have panties that make you happy?

8 thoughts on “happy panties

  1. I’m not fussy about panties, but they MUST be thongs. Boy cut hates my thighs, bikini cut chafes, and I can’t stand VPL.

    Now bras. I LOVE bras. I’ve been wearing ugly nursing bras for 4 years and only recently reintroduced lurvely items that make me feel like my rack is more than food. So I’m loving the way my boobs look these days. Alhamdulillah, both gravity and procreation have been kind ;)


    1. I’m the exact opposite with panties; my favorite is the bikini cut–thongs are uncomfortable for me! Although it’s been a while since I’ve tried a thong so maybe that’s changed.

      And of course bras are all squeeee! OMG 4 years?! Kudos to you for being so patient! I’m glad you can enjoy bras again. <3


  2. Coolred38

    No reason you can’t still swim…women do it all the time. Personal preference I guess. Period panties gotta be loose and comfy…nobody likely to see them anyhow.


    1. These aren’t my period panties; they are just my happy panties.

      These are period panties:

      Pretty and lacey but still entirely covers the bum in case and super comfy.



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