Nahida sums up what is happening, in case you’ve been living under a rock.

When Colonialism Isn’t Enough Boko Haram, the male extremist militia who laughably refer to themselves as People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad, is still terrorizing Nigeria. Scholarly male douchebags of color who have claimed that Boko Haram is responding to a culmination of income inequalities, deprivation & poverty, insecurity, and political corruption fail to explain why Nigerian women who also suffer from income inequalities, deprivation & poverty, insecurity, and political corruption aren’t kidnapping schoolboys to traffic into sexual slavery. Since 2009, the male extremist group has slaughtered thousands and are responsible for the rape of hundreds of schoolgirls.

According to Boko Haram, women needn’t attend school because–as their name reads–Boko Haram’s philosophy is that ‘Western education is a sin.’ This, of course, provides men of color all the more opportunity to blame Boko Haram’s crimes against God on the imposition of the West in Nigeria, a symptom of colonialism that has, again, failed to manifest in the women who’ve suffered not only from colonialism but misogyny. But men of color, like white men, will find any excuse to rape women. What’s the difference between a white man and a man of color? The excuse he gives for rape.

Nigerian women have bravely protested and resisted the terror of Boko Haram, initiating every kind of movement except any that match Boko Haram in organized violence and sheer terror, because Nigerian women, like all women everywhere since the beginning of time, are fucking angels.

ISIS is really uncool, and so is the questionably racist propaganda circulating about them Solidarity to the Iraqi Christians who have been forcibly removed from their homes by the absurdly erratic ISIS, who not only insist that women comply with their restrictive dress codes, but have blown up religious sites revered by Christians and Muslims alike. Is it just me or can men seriously not aim? Did the West impose its educational system on you? Take it out on non-Western women! Did the US unlawfully invade your country and bomb it to the Stone Age? Take it out on Christians who have also been bombed to the Stone Age! In like, the same country. For the love of God, stop scoring into your own goal.

In White People Are Assholes type news, someone spread a rumor that ISIS is mandating FGM for all women and girls, which is bullshit and never happened. Where would you get that idea. Could it be STEREOTYPES.

Update: ISIS crucified 8 Christian members of a rival rebel group. What kind of psycho thinks of things like this? (The Romans, you answer, but it’s a little more twisted to do it to Christians for apostasy. That is like a special kind of sick.)

Israel is trying to be white Oh, what the hell, Israel IS white. They are all European Jews, and anyone who is not a European Jew is sterilized for being the Wrong Kind of Jew. Israel receives $3 BILLION dollars in funding from the US because it’s a US colony. It’s a US colony in which white people from all over Europe, who happen to be the Right Kind of Jew, recreate the ultimate vision of Manifest Destiny, slaughtering nearly a thousand Wrong Kind of Muslims and Christians in a matter of weeks. Certain imams believe the Palestinians are being murdered because they aren’t pious enough. I see your poor application of 13:11 and raise you 29:10.

Muslims in China are fired for being Muslims in China “He told me that his relatives back home were asking: would their fast count if they were forced to eat and drink by the government during the day? […] I asked him how the government does this. He replied that there is a public luncheon (for example his relative is a schoolteacher) and the Muslims are monitored to see if they eat or drink. So there are people whose job it is to check whether Muslims are eating or not. […] I asked what were the consequences if they refused. He said that best case scenario is that they would eventually lose their jobs, and worst case scenario, jail and imprisonment and fines.” via Yasir Qadhiwho-should-have-never-said-that-one-thing.

According to a friend of mine who’s lived in Saudi her whole life, the government will beat you up if you’re a man who’s seen eating during Ramadan. (They leave the women alone, for menses I presume.)

If no one else pisses me off sufficiently, regular posts pertaining to Islamic feminism will now resume.

18 thoughts on “Nahida sums up what is happening, in case you’ve been living under a rock.

      1. Okay.

        57 percent of women who had received the drug in Israel are Ethiopian Jews

        But that is “most.” It’s an alarming “most.”

        And I won’t for a second be naive enough to believe it’s out of practice. It’s “illegal” in Canada too. It still happens to indigenous women.

      2. Also, “anyone who is not an European Jew” misses out the many millions of Sephardic Jews in Israel – North African, Baghdaidi, Egyptian, Persian, many of who were forced into exile for the past 60 years.

        I do not think they have been targeted the way the Ethiopians have.

    1. reader

      // Oh, what the hell, Israel IS white. They are all European Jews

      Again, you can support Palestinians without falsely representing my country:

      “Mizrahi Jews … are Jews descended from local Jewish communities of the Middle East … Before the mass immigration of over one million people from the former Soviet Union, mostly of Ashkenazi descent, followers of the Sephardic rite made up over 70% of Israel’s Jewish population.” [wiki]

      “After the establishment of the State of Israel and subsequent 1948 Arab-Israeli War, most Mizrahi Jews were either expelled by their Arab rulers or chose to leave and emigrated to Israel. According to the 2009 Statistical Abstract of Israel, 50.2% of Israeli Jews are of Mizrahi or Sephardic origin.” [wiki]

      Btw, “chose to leave” more often than not means “were threatened and, at least, horribly discriminated against till left.”

      As for Ethiopian Jews or Beta Israel, they don’t need your defense:

      “Over the years there has been significant progress in the integration of young Beta Israels into Israeli society, primarily resulting from serving in the Israeli Defense Forces alongside other Israelis their age. This has led to an increase in opportunities for Ethiopian Jews after they are discharged from the army.”

      There have been and still are some problems, but each immigrant faced a lot of those. And name me one country, without any racism.

      1. Again, you can support Palestinians without falsely representing my country

        You don’t have a country.

        Also, they’re white. I don’t think you understand what WHITE means. When you have the privilege of the US treating you like you’re the 51st state* and being backed up by foreign fighters from all over Europe to kill people who have been identified as distinctly less white, you’re white. You are benefiting from white culture.

        *Not even. No state in the US gets $3 billion a year.

        As for Ethiopian Jews or Beta Israel, they don’t need your defense

        Ah, but no one needs Israel, and yet it exists.

        And name me one country, without any racism.

        Seriously? “I should get a pass because other places do the same thing”? You see, I would expect this from white people. Get out.

  1. Sm

    You don’t have a country.

    God, Nahida, do you know how true this is? We really don’t have a country. Except Israel. I don’t know if you know this but you have a lot of readers in Israel. And I won’t stop reading your blog. You haven’t lost me, because I understand your frustration. But this really hurt me. You’re right, we don’t have a country. We are persecuted everywhere. We could not stay in Europe. We could not stay anywhere. We have nowhere to go. I will not justify the actions of Israel. But if you had to choose, wouldn’t you rather be the persecutor than the persecuted, Nahida?

      1. I don’t care if I lose readers in Israel. I don’t even care if I lose friends over this.

        I regret nothing I’ve said here. I will not back down on any of it. The US is equally responsible for the death of Palestinians as is Israel. Israel is aggressively expanding and leaving pools of blood where it goes because it believes it has the God-given right to Palestinian land despite God-created Palestinians already living there. The Jews brutally victimized during the Holocaust should not have been passed on by Europe as someone else’s problem. And Israelis should have come as immigrants, not as occupiers. The United States made it possible for them to come as the latter. Possible, but not mandatory.

        In other words, you did have a choice. You did not have to choose one or the other.

  2. Narjis

    There have been a lot of statements like the one Yasir Qadhi shouldn’t have said floating around lately. People saying how it’s unfair that everyone’s paying attention to one tragedy and not enough to another. Can we just agree that all of these are important and deserve attention? I’ve been fairly obsessed with Palestine this month but I haven’t forgotten about the others. It’s frustrating living in the West with all of the narratives I don’t agree with being spouted by politicians and the people who parrot back what those cowards say. Thank God for alternative media including my dear Muslim feminists Nahida, woodturtle, Muslimah Media Watch, Hind Makki, and many others. Just 10 or 20 years ago we didn’t have access to any of this and I fear what lies I might have believed. Thanks, Nahida.

  3. thijs

    You probably hate my gut right now and you have all the reasons to do so, for i have said some atrocious things. I have been meaning to write you an apology but i’ve been really busy lately. It will come though. Eventhough you most likely have already forgotten about it, i do believe i owe you an apology.

    That being said… :p
    Since when has boko haram been exclusively male? Throughout the years they have used female suicide bombers as well. I do believe that if you’re willing to blow yourself up and kill as many people for an orginization, you tend to believe the ideals of said organization. Ofcourse i don’t doubt for a second that the highest in command are exclusively males.

    I don’t understand why you brush everyone with the same stroke though. Whatever color one’s skin is, it will never justify rape. Hell you may be the only purple person in the world, that would not excuse rape. Rape is undefendable as it’s a crime against the very basics of humanity. It’s robbing a woman of not only her body but her very right of autonomeous existence. women never dress for you or walk a certain way for you. And even if she does, sex is only permitted when there’s a mutual agreement to it. Thing is, i believe the majority of humans know this to be the case, so i don’t understand why you brush everyone to make excuses. There is no excuse for rape.

    honest question, why do we devide people because of the amount of melanin in their skin. For instance why is my lower amount of melanin a determiner to put me in another group? we’re all just humans. So why do we do it? (this is not aimed at your personally, just wondering if there’s soemthing i’m not understanding.)

    ISIL is a blight, but a blight with money. Locals tend to say the FGM is indeed true, while locals say it’s true, official sources say it isn’t. are the locals lying because they want others to help them fight ISIL or are the official sources lying because they fear for their lives (or less likely have been bribed) i don’t know, both parties have reasons to lie. i just hope it isn’t true.
    how is that rumour a white people are assholes type of news though? :(

    Israel can never ever be white. i mean more than a million palestinians are israeli citizens and together with arabs they form about 20% of israeli population. My home country, belgium, probably is more white…I don’t know about the ethiopians but unlike a week ago, i’m willing to believe it and indeed, it’s a horrible attrocious thing to do. like you said in a post before, everyone should have the right to have a child if they wish. no one may take that away from you.

    the china thing, i don’t know. It conflicts with china’s ‘new confucianistic’ ideology. It’s the state ideology that says china’s ethnic minorities (and the world) will leave their inferior culture behind and adapt to our superior chinese culture. but it has to be because of good government. by showing good government the people wil eventually realise that they were wrong and all will unite under tianxia ( translation is all under heaven but doesn’t fully cover the concept of tianxia). only then the world will know harmony. So yeah, there’s definitely some very bad things to say about new confucianism. but they only tend to opress han chinese. for instance ethnical minorities didn’t have to follow the 1 child policy. If it’s true, it’s definitely an ethnical rather than religious thing. Hui muslims will have no problems. Not that this makes it any less disgusting.

    Some pretty shitty stuff has happened in the world lately so i fear you’ll be pissed of by things. One of my biggest annoyances has been the remark of an islamist youth group in malaysian opposition who claimed that the crash of mh17 in ukraine was a punishment from god because the airline serves alcohol and the stewardesses wear the traditional clothing of malaysia which is not in line with (their) view of how women should dress.i was like well how nice of you to blame the women who died instead of the russian terrorrists. So yeah women showing their hair, their lower arms and legs apparently infuriates god so much that he kills 200+ innocents…ueh… sorry went overboard ^^’

    I brable too much. And yes, i’m sorry for having lashed out at you 2 posts back, and like you said i was way too passive aggressive. i’ll write you a full excuse, when i’m done revising my old japanese and chinese textsbooks that i suddenly need, who would have thought those would ever come in handy. but yeah.


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