Thanks to a major life decision I’ve just made, TFF is going to be on hiatus for 3 months. When I return I’ll be a brand new lady. But you won’t care. Unless I bring you presents maybe? I promise I’ll bring presents. I’ll play the piano for you. I’ll read you a poem in Arabic, the language of poems. I’ll tell you a story about dust and the sea. I’ll leave the wind on your answering machine. I’ll write you love letters in the form of blog posts.

Expect my return in late August. Ramadan Kareem in advance, and in advance Eid Mubarak. Email correspondences will not be delayed any more than they are usually delayed, so please feel free to contact me. Those who have tried already are aware that unless you are detailing an alarming, distressing circumstance or otherwise emailing me to tell me you are suicidal (in which case I will respond immediately) responses will be delayed for weeks and sometimes months. I apologize for this in advance, and assure you it’s because I am an introverted and reserved person, and not because I have better things to do than speak to you, because you are the best of all things.

Known friends, however, can expect prompt replies. I might possibly be deactivating my Facebook (unsure), so use my email/phone number/the billion other ways to contact someone if that happens. Of course.

I’ll still be around this general area, so I will see reader comments. And I assure you, TFF will comparatively improve when I return. Because of the brand new lady thing and all.

Until then I will miss you and I mean it. I love hearing from you… even when I don’t respond the next day. Or the next month. I’m with you in spirit.


7 thoughts on “Hiatus.

  1. rosalindawijks

    Dear Nahida,

    May Allah bless you in your decisions and the new phase in your life, and remember that She is always close, and that we are with you in spirit. I will miss your thought-provoking posts, though, and hope you’ll be back soon.

    Wa salam,



  2. Don’t know what is going on, this is all very cryptic, but whatever it is, I wish you lots of luck on your endeavours and hope you don’t come back TOO changed (since you’re already pretty dang fantastic).


  3. Lillian Rose

    I can’t even handle a change of template, and you’re telling me the author is coming back as a whole new woman? =P



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