My birthday is March 8th.

Some of you have requested a mailing address to deliver gifts, and though I am deeply moved, I cannot safely provide one. I hope you understand! If you do still want to get me a present, please donate to Esq. Apprentice, an organization that helps low-income women of color become lawyers. The organization is local to me, headquartered in Oakland, my favorite city. It endeavors to make the law work for rather than against the poor. The joy of debate should not be denied to any woman who loves to argue as fiercely as me.

Your girl is also saving up for law school herself (or she thinks she is) so if you want to send her birthday money, you can do that too. She would be very flattered. Maybe even enough to stop annoying you by referring to herself in the third person.

And of course, as with every year on March 8th, I wish you a happy International Women’s Day.

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