Some of you have asked how you’d know when I’ve released a novel. I’m not sure if I’d announce it here since it has little to do with Islam and feminism, but I never distinguish between subject areas anyway. If you’d like to follow news about my writing in other areas… all my socials are separated in a vain attempt to appear organized:


the fatal feminist (do you know where you are? do you?!)


Professional/Writing: @creativelynahida (This is the one that’s the most relevant to this question.)
TFF: @thefatalfeminist
Personal: @NahidaNisa (this is set to private)


Professional/Writing/Personal: @NahidaNisa
TFF: @feministfatal


Professional/Writing: /creativelyNahida
TFF: /thefatalfeminist
Please don’t add me on my personal FB profile (not linked) unless we have spoken before.

I have a patreon account in case you ever wanted to throw money at me.


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