Announcement: Dream Brave.

My darling readers,

Happy new year.

Since 2011, you’ve reached out to me—in emails, comments, and social media—regarding the Qur’anic interpretations on the fatal feminist.

Throughout these years, I’ve been deeply moved and humbled by the questions and requests I’ve received to address interpretations you’ve found oppressive, exploitative, and patriarchal and to bring you the truly compassionate, subversive, and egalitarian spirit of the Qur’an through exegesis.

I’m pleased to announce that Orbala and I have partnered together to begin a new project that places the power of exegesis into your own hands. Together, we plan to create tools that will help you navigate Qur’anic verses and overturn the patriarchal interpretations that have wreaked havoc on the world and in the lives of women, non-binary Muslims, LGBTQIA+ Muslims, and all human souls whom traditional scholars see as inferior.

You can do this. We can do this together. We’ll bring you the tools you need so that you never have to rely on “scholars” who are opposed to your very existence. In the meantime, feel free to email me (or just leave in the comments) verses of the Qur’an with which you’ve struggled and whose inclusion you’d love to see in our first toolkit.

For updates on the project and the availability of these tools, follow our social accounts and subscribe to our mailings list.

instagram: @dreambraveorg

twitter: @dreambraveorg

website: (coming soon)

Join our mailing list.

I hope to hear from each and every one of you. Your voices are always welcome here.


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