About TFF

You’re reading the fatal feminist, which is a declaration of jihad on the oppression of Muslim women.

Feminism, in the simplest of definitional explanations, is a position that all human beings are inherently equal.

In practice and study it involves complex, overlapping theories. There are many different kinds of feminisms.

I suspect the main question most likely asked in regards to this space is what is Islamic feminism?

We are not reformists. We are revivalists.

Islamic feminism is more than a movement: it is a retrieval of the ways Islam had been practiced before and should be practiced still. It is the reclamation of the rights of women, from twisted patriarchal interpretations and mistranslations, back into the hands of the women to whom they belong. It is a return to understanding the Qur’an in the classical language in which it was delivered and ahadith in the contexts and specific conditions in which they were proclaimed, instead of through the lenses of a bigoted culture that uses them as political weapons.

Islamic feminism in itself is not a novel concept but one that has always been rooted in Islam in the most basic principles of faith, in the echo of the Quran‘s assertions itself.

This blog will discuss gender equality, social justice, the lives and leaderships of the women before us who were closest to the Prophet (P) and have since been forgotten, and the importance of sound interpretation and of respecting fundamental human rights–both in terms of Islamic feminism and in Islam and feminism separately.

God gave women freedom. We don’t need the permission of men to live freely.