In case you wanted to know why I always place sex before race

If you hadn’t heard, there was a fake hashtag trending on Twitter that specifically targeted black women by impersonating them. When it came to light that a number of these accounts were fake, the man who started them had this to say:

@FeministaJones First of all, y’all started it with us when you launched#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen Why’d y’all play us like that?

— NayNay Thompson (@NayNayCantStop) June 17, 2014

He then proceeded to compare #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen to the KKK, which is ridiculous, because he was talking to a black woman, who would have been (newsflash!) ALSO targeted by the KKK. Men of color always do this. ALWAYS. They act like they OWN a tragedy that affected all sexes within a race, and they use it to excuse their own horrendous, murderous behavior. They abuse, traffic, and torture women in the name of those tragedies, railing against white oppressors. Women of color who underwent the same damn thing aren’t reacting with violence against men of color, so obviously this isn’t a side-effect of historical oppression. But men of color, just like white men, are too goddamn dense and entitled to recognize that. You fuckers are all the same, don’t even.

Every time I want to call a white woman a total bitch for saying something racist to a man of color, I’m going to remember this. Every time. You know what white women DON’T do? They don’t invest enough time and energy into their hatred to start fake hashtag trends to harass and mock the endeavors women of color by impersonating their ideologies.