“Gadhafi was sodomized before executed.”

With a knife. That is what all the headlines say, but we know, my dear feminist sisters, that it’s really just code for ‘he was raped.’

I was (and still am) glad that Gadhafi is out of power. When he was executed, I didn’t even care much that there were celebrations; it made me uncomfortable to think people were celebrating someone’s death but I was in no position to judge considering I had endured none of his horrific crimes against humanity, unlike the Libyan people. My mother, who is much more soft-hearted than I, expressed her dismay in the words, “I am glad they are free. But how can any Muslim celebrate when someone dies?”

But not this. This is inexcusable. This is misogyny. Another, very violent, example of woman-hating. Gadhafi was raped to strip him of masculinity thereby demeaning him to the status of a woman, because that is how patriarchy works. (Male and Not Male model, from the previous post.) How very… Sodom.

Raping someone before execution has occurred at several points in history, with several different people, but of course it is a going to be told as a reflection of Muslims. (Which, by the way, is why I’m not linking you to any articles; they’re all Islamophobic… and for some reason homophobic, even though rape has as much to do with homosexuality as heterosexuality; not surprising, since they’re calling it sodomy.) And I don’t even care this time. Granted, I don’t have to care, because thanks to indulgence in global rape culture and making rape jokes and cheering when people are raped and believing that men can’t be raped, few will take this to discriminate against Muslims. This is a case of just sexism. I bet the person/people who raped him are the same assholes who refer to the story of Prophet Lut with questionable enthusiasm to “prove” being gay is against Islam. They aren’t willing to face the truth that the people of Prophet Lut were rapists and misogynists and that is why they were destroyed.