Remember me? Yes, I’m back. I’ve been somewhat dormant. And I’ve decided to start fresh, on an entirely different note. My last few spaces, the ones I’d been consistently building up and tearing down from domain to domain since 2003, were concerned with creative work. I’d noticed for a few months now that the writing has changed in both tone and topic, and I can’t force myself to reproduce my original intent of beautifully spilling my literary guts. That’s not to say that I’ve ceased to work creatively. I still do. But it’s time for a change addition of genre. I’m putting down the novels and picking up the newspapers. (Do we still have those?)

I’m going to write about Islam, feminism, Islamic feminism, taking care of our environment, my life when relevant (much less often) and how very, very cruel it is to torture animals. I’ll address questions and concerns. And other things that are much more significant on a level higher than my own self. Oh, and literature. Yes, I realize I just got back from that. But it’s going to happen. I can’t survive without mentioning what I’m reading. Or referencing literary structure. I’ve tried. See the title of this post? Yeah.

And I should, because it’s important. It’s the fluid of human consciousness. It’s the reflection of history. I can talk about sexism and how terrible it is even in its subtlety, or I can refer you to The Yellow Wallpaper, and you can really, really understand through a critical analysis of it.

That being said, I’m not going to promise regular entries. But I will try to be as “regular” as possible. I’m going to try to keep all of this organized, despite being a very unorganized person, for the convenience of anyone who decides to drop by.

Here’s to us.

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