Qur’anic Exegeses

First, the short version of everything–let’s begin at the beginning.

This section exists to place Quranic verses back in their contexts and to correct mistranslations.

Myth: Islam is Inherently Patriarchal

Women Led Men in Prayer During the Time of the Prophet

Polygamy is haraam.

Maryam is a Prophet.

Taken Out of Context: Marital Sexual Relations

Taken Out of Context: Violence Toward Non-Muslims

Lost in Translation: Violence Against Wives and more on Verse 4:34.

Same-Sex Relations and Lut’s Daughters

Same-Sex Love

Lost in Translation: Cutting Off the Hands of Thieves

“Islamic” Sects & More on Sectarianism

Figments of Patriarchal Imagination: The Testimony of Two Women “Equals” One Man’s

And here’s some stuff on Muslim women marrying People of the Book.

Dismissed Conditions: Men Inherit Twice What Women Inherit.


Menstruation is not contamination.

Figments of Patriarchal Imagination: 72 virgins.

Missing the Point: Slavery

Disregarded Verses: Women as Examples for Men, and Why Women Don’t Have Names in the Qur’an

Disregarded Verses: Deciding What is Halaal and Haraam

On Feminist Interpretations, and Devaluing Women’s Words

Intentional Malice: The Exclusiveness of the Sexes, Collapsing of Sex and Gender, and the Superiority of the Male a focus on Verse 4:1

The Unrecognized Prophetess

Taken Out of Context: the Feminization of Divinity

Reading the Advocacy of Male Privilege When It Isn’t There; the Qur’an and the Woman’s Perspective

Divorce and Male Privilege

Reclaiming Shari’ah series:
the Process
the Opponents
the Significance

The conception of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary, was consensual.


The Veil in Verse 33:53