Qur’anic Exegeses

First, the short version of everything–let’s begin at the beginning.

This section exists to place Quranic verses back in their contexts and to correct mistranslations.

Myth: Islam is Inherently Patriarchal

Women Led Men in Prayer During the Time of the Prophet

Maryam is a Prophet.

Taken Out of Context: Marital Sexual Relations

Taken Out of Context: Violence Toward Non-Muslims

Lost in Translation: Violence Against Wives and more on Verse 4:34.

Lost in Translation: Cutting Off the Hands of Thieves

“Islamic” Sects & More on Sectarianism

Figments of Patriarchal Imagination: The Testimony of Two Women “Equals” One Man’s

Also, God did not make polygamy permissible in this century.

And here’s some stuff on Muslim women marrying People of the Book.

Dismissed Conditions: Men Inherit Twice What Women Inherit.


The People of Sodom

Menstruation is not contamination.

Figments of Patriarchal Imagination: 72 virgins.

Missing the Point: Slavery

Disregarded Verses: Women as Examples for Men, and Why Women Don’t Have Names in the Qur’an

Disregarded Verses: Deciding What is Halaal and Haraam

On Feminist Interpretations, and Devaluing Women’s Words

Intentional Malice: The Exclusiveness of the Sexes, Collapsing of Sex and Gender, and the Superiority of the Male a focus on Verse 4:1

The Unrecognized Prophetess

Taken Out of Context: the Feminization of Divinity

Reading the Advocacy of Male Privilege When It Isn’t There; the Qur’an and the Woman’s Perspective

Divorce and Male Privilege

Reclaiming Shari’ah series:
the Process
the Opponents
the Significance

The conception of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary, was consensual.


The Veil in Verse 33:53