No GOP War On Women, but There is Definitely a War on Christmas. And Potatoes. FUCKING POTATOES.

Once again:

Jay Townsend said acid should be thrown on Democratic women who support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. JAY TOWNSEND SAID ACID SHOULD BE THROWN ON DEMOCRATIC WOMEN WHO SUPPORT THE LILLY LEDBETTER FAIR PAY ACT.

Amendments to a bill were introduced by House Republicans that allow insurance companies to discriminate against clients based on gender in ANY area, even so that women may be charged higher premiums for home owner’s insurance. (HB 238, Montana)

Arizona passed bills declaring a woman pregnant two weeks before conception. (Seriously. I am pregnant in Arizona.)

Bills introduced to permit employers to ask a woman why she is using contraceptives. This is an inconceivable violation of privacy, and allows employers to look at employee’s medical records and interrogate women on our private sex lives. (If a man is using Viagra, however, he will not be asked what the fuck is wrong with his cock.)

All GOP presidential candidates have signed the Personhood Pledge vowing to eliminate Planned Parenthood clinics. This WILL affect lower class women and prevent them from acquiring birth control for safe sex. Denying a woman contraceptives because she’s having sex is like denying a scientist cancer treatment because she works with radioactivity. (She should just not be working with radioactivity then! My bad, is it only MEN who can’t be expected to keep it in their pants because BIOLOGY?)

Republicans introduced bills to redefine rape to FORCIBLE encounters.

Republicans condescendingly insist that Asian and South Asian immigrants are morally bankrupt sexists who want to abort girls. While pretending not to be racist. (Never mind solving the ROOT of the problem of why people prefer boys being that Republicans promote a FUCKING SEXIST CULTURE.) Democrats have signed onto this one. (Because they’re dumbasses.)

Rush Limbaugh has declared all women who use birth control whores and has SEXUALLY HARRASSED THEM, asserting they should make videos of ourselves having sex and upload them to the Internet for him to watch.

A women who has a miscarriage might be considered a murderer, by no fault of her own (HB 167). This is NOT theoretical; it has HAPPENED TO WOMEN.

Fox News hosted a man who believes women should be prevented from voting and cannot control themselves in positions of power. Conservative men believe the nation was greater before women were “allowed” to vote (back when they could punch women in the face, there were no shelters, and no one to bitch about things like women’s rights) already betraying in language that they don’t believe voting is a right but a privilege, and one that should be practiced ONLY WHEN IT BENEFITS MEN. (And they WILL FORCIBLY stop you.)

When asked why he believes insurance should not over contraceptives but should cover Viagra, Sean Hannity replied, “That’s a MEDICAL problem.” I still fucking love Gloria Steinem (minus the transphobia.)

Republicans in the Senate voted against Violence Against Women Act, then when reauthorizing passed a watered down version that would cease extending protections to Native American women; Republicans filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act.

States run by Republicans have introduced legislation to force women to undergo UNECESSARY trans-vaginal probes against their will (LEGISLATIVE RAPE) before receiving an abortion.

States run by Republicans have cut budgets in health care, Social Security, and education that would disproportionately impact women.

Republicans did not allow anyone with a uterus to testify at the House contraception hearing.

Scott Walker has repealed Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Law. SCOTT WALKER HAS REPEALED WISCONSIN’S EQUAL PAY LAW.

Since January 2010 over 400 bills have been introduced in the House attacking our reproductive rights.

ALL Republicans, except for three Republican congressmen and two Republican senators, voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Republican Lisa Murkowski herself has stated she does not understand why her party is making these attacks. (Warm fuzzy feelings, and much respect for her brave honesty.)

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But don’t worry because it’s really just the ‘end of men.’ They will believe that shit first. Also don’t say ‘happy holidays.’