Women, if you want to make as much money as a man

get a sex change.
This is an article that reports a study found that women earn less than men simply because we are women. I found this a year or two ago, but it should be recorded here, and everyone should see it.
The study worked with transgendered men and women and discovered that biological males who changed their sex to female earned less than they had before, even though they are still the exact same people with the exact same education and work experiences.
From the article:

Schilt, one of the authors of the new article, interviewed a female-to-male transgender attorney a few years ago. As a younger attorney, the lawyer had been Susan; now he was Thomas. He told Schilt that after he transitioned from female to male, another lawyer mistakenly believed that Susan had been fired and replaced by Thomas. The other lawyer commended the firm’s boss for the replacement. He said Susan had been incompetent; “the new guy,” he added, was “just delightful.” (Later, Ben Barres, an FTM neurobiology professor at Stanford, told The Wall Street Journal of a similar experience. An attendee at one of his lectures leaned over to a colleague and said, “Ben Barres’ work is much better than his sister’s.”)

They were, of course, the same person.
The study itself is linked in the article, so feel free to read it.

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