The Slutwalk

I would totally do this.

‎”So the point of the matter is saying, if one woman is accused of being a slut, then today we are all sluts. It’s not about saying we should all identify as sluts all the time. It’s a political act of solidarity with people who have been harmed by the label.” – Jaclyn Friedman

7 thoughts on “The Slutwalk

  1. THIS IS AWESOME! I would have done this if I were in Toronto! The comments under the article are enraging though. "You have to be aware of the situation." WTF. Do you think we aren't?! WE DON'T NEED YOUR ADVICE KTHNXBIE.People piss me off.


  2. You are not obliged to do anything you feel uncomfortable about Fatima!Like I said, I would do it. I don't wear a headscarf but I cover my legs at least just above the ankles and my arms 3/4 of the way. And I can do it without feeling any religious guilt, because sins are placed on a hierarchy, and what would truly be a sin is to allow myself and other women to be blamed for the actions of repulsive attackers. The fact that women's bodies are policed by men was the very reason for establishing hi'jab in the first place, and now that men have hijacked and twisted the values of modesty for their own control, they must be reclaimed.(Also, )If you, however, feel differently, by no means should you act in any way that you feel is outside of yourself. That would be counterproductive and anti-feminist. You should not have to feel like you're making a sacrifice. I wouldn't feel that I was making a sacrifice–I'd feel like was fighting for the rights God gave me. But if you do feel like you're making a sacrifice–don't do it.


  3. I wouldn't go "all the way." (Not sure what that means entirely but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.) I think I'd wear something that slides off one shoulder, and a skirt that ends at the knees. One whole sliding off-shoulder dress that ends at the knees if possible. Midriff would still be covered.


  4. "I'm doubtful of whether this would do anything… like lipstick feminism"Maybe. But if we say nothing, do nothing, we're just accepting the status quo. To me, that is not acceptable.The fact that the Toronto Slutwalk has inspired at least one other Slutwalk (in Ottawa)suggests the meme might be worth spreading. The civil rights movement in the 1960s didn't have the easiest time of it either, but they didn't give up.



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