Pulled out of Nowhere: Music is Haraam, Supposedly

Music isn’t forbidden. This assertion isn’t in the Qur’an. Anywhere. Find it! I challenge you.
The idea that it’s haraam comes from ahadith. Men are not allowed to make forbidden what God has made permissible, so it’s pretty incredible that people believe the hadith is valid when it contradicts the Qur’an. It’s also pretty incredible how easily we play around with the word haraam.

Say: ‘Have you considered the provision God has sent down for you, and you have made some of it unlawful, and some lawful?’ Say: ‘Has God given you leave, or do you forge against God?’ (Qur’an 10:59)

We are not allowed to make unlawful what God has made lawful (and vice versa.)
Now of course, to music there are conditions under which music is lawful and unlawful; there are limits to everything in Islam, so it’s not something exceptional. Islam is wary of excess, for one. If it’s beginning to take over your life and to cause you to neglect everything else, there’s a bit of an issue. If the content of the music is forbidden (i.e. encouraging violence) it is then that the music becomes forbidden. It is forbidden when it sways you to sin.
Many scholars believe that it’s inevitable that music will sway you to sin, thereby concluding that it is always unlawful. They are overstepping their boundaries, and I hope they are aware that they must answer to God.
It sort of reminds me of the hadith that reads, “When a man and a woman are alone together, the devil is their third partner.”

I think the person who wrote it realized that the devil is everywhere anyway, but it doesn’t just sound as good to say… “Whenever one man buys lentils from another man at a shop, the devil is their third partner.” Or my favorite? “Whenever a woman is in a crowd with 40 other women, learning to knit, satan is their 41st partner.” —KufiGirl

Restrictions on music, just as on everything else. Common sense. Other than the unexceptional obvious, it isn’t forbidden.

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