Crap People Like to Say Because it Makes Them Sound Smart and Theoretical and Shit:

“Shari’ah Law is coming to the US!–why aren’t the feminists outraged?”

“Women suffer most when Islamists are in power! We want to protect our women from terrorists! Also, we’re totally going to redefine rape and defund Planned Parenthood.”
“Lara Logan was assaulted because Egyptian men are misogynistic douchebags–but she totally deserved it because what’s such a hot blonde doing reporting in such a dangerous country? She knew what she was getting herself into! It’s like she was asking for it. No, we’re not being racist and victim blaming at the same time–these are facts. What are you, a feminist? Only feminists would think common sense was victim-blaming and facts were racist! You bitches are crazy.”
“It’s a fact that Muslims are from primitive cultures that are anti-woman! But you don’t hear feminists criticizing Islam. They only bitch about oppressed women in this country–goes to show they don’t really care about the state of women… What? Oh, they have spoken about women in other countries? Well, they’re doing it wrong! They’re just talking about the conditions of women in those countries and what movements are fighting to improve them, not the actual cause and root of the problem–which is the evil of Islam! Here, let me show all these women how to not be dominated by men…”
“What do you mean they don’t criticize Islam as much because women are also Muslims? They’re not really Muslim, they’re just calling themselves Muslim because they are oppressed. Why don’t feminists recognize that women who call themselves Muslim have been brainwashed by evil Muslim men and are too stupid to think for themselves/choose their own religion?”
“How is what I just said sexist? I am trying to help these poor women! You’re just too much of a vagina to talk about things you don’t know! I don’t have to know what Islam is to know it’s violent and anti-woman!”

“Of course I’m using religion and culture interchangeably! They influence each other–I don’t care if Islam isn’t supposed to be influenced by culture–it is, and that makes it totally okay for my privileged ass to insult everyone I’m supposedly trying to help by using my own terms. No, I’m not misunderstanding them–they’re misunderstanding me! I’m not saying they’re all terrorists, and they think I am!”

“LOL!! MUSLIM WOMEN CAN’T BE FEMINISTS! That puts the moron in oxymoron. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

The Effects of This in Reality:

I was physically abused for 16 years, and am not out of danger. My two little brothers were also abused. I hadn’t done anything before then because I suspected irrelevant factors like religion and culture would be taken up in the “news” reports, thanks to dumbasses like you. And I was right. This was proven as soon as I began confiding in people. I wanted to protect my religion, a completely innocent bystander. And my mother, who was constantly assaulted herself by the same asshole. I was silent because I knew if I spoke out the blame would be placed on the religion instead of the actual criminal. If that meant I had to go, that was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

So, if you’re going to trash my religion, stop acting like you care about my well-being or the well-being of Muslim women. You’re a pretentious hypocrite using my personal pain to push your own agenda by attacking what’s closest to me and promoting hatred against what I am. You are excusing the criminals by portraying them as brainwashed suckers who are not responsible for their own heinous actions. You are misplacing the blame on an entire religion and entire cultures of underprivileged and oppressed people who cannot be expected to live up to your standards while they haven’t your luxuries. You are reinforcing the notion that women don’t count by neglecting to acknowledge that I am Muslim too. You are actively erasing me, and deeming my representation unworthy. I don’t need your help. As a matter of fact, please stop helping me.

8 thoughts on “STFU.

  1. almostclever

    Thank you for sharing, Nahida. Your anger is palpable and so important.I hate when people use religion or culture as a reason for abuse, it is sickening and the very lowest low of racism and discrimination. If all people see is Islam or your skin color when they look at you, then they don't see you – they can't see you.


  2. Thank you for your comment, almostclever. ::heart::I don't mind if people see Islam when they look at me–it's just that the Islam they see is not really Islam. It's the violent actions of others disguised as Islam, and hatred of the religion leads to discrimination and false concern for people who are viewed as victims.


  3. This!"I was silent because I knew if I spoke out the blame would be placed on the religion instead of the actual criminal. If that meant I had to go, that was a sacrifice I was willing to make."Deja VuOff the subject.Why do people at large MOSTLY stereotype on negative qualities? Why is that my strengths make me an individual but my flaws exist because I belong to a group with which I share those flaws? It is common to say "oh wow he/she is brilliant" but also say "I am not surprised, he/she is a Muslim." Why can't this be the other way around?


  4. thought this article might interest you. Especially the comment section afterwards.Can you now see why people might just hate Muslims as a group. I realize that in the article it mentions that many Muslims were upset about this and that is why I don't go the "all Muslim" route but when so many of its leaders behave this way I certainly understand it.



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