This isn’t an apology.

(Or a post.) But please excuse the crappy writing.
I don’t know if it’s glaringly obvious, but I’m always in a hurry now, and I’ve been cringing at my own writing. I never really edited entries, just scanned and if I saw an error I’d fix it, but recently I’ve begun to rush them too. And it’s suffering. My writing, I mean. Am I even coherent anymore? Summer is near, which means exams! I have a nine-page paper due tomorrow, I’m utterly and entirely sleep-deprived, and I consequently keep misreading words. I just read the word “evaluation” as “evolution” and stared at the sentence for like two minutes wondering why it didn’t make sense.
I’m going to try slowing myself down for a bit and not spew things out every other day. Every two days maybe? =P Let’s see if I can control myself when I have something to say. That isn’t very feminist, is it? I’m going to feminist hell! Just kidding, feminism doesn’t have hell. Only unicorns. What?
I’ll see you in a couple of days!

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