Oh My God. Shut Up About the Christians.

So you know what’s annoying? When I am in the middle of a debate with a Muslim man, and I am telling him his projections interpretations are sexist and unIslamic, and he begins going on about Christians and how we Muslim women are so much better off than our “Christian counterparts.” Then he starts taking verses from the Bible–out of context, of course–to “prove” his point.

*insert cussing here; I can’t do it because Ramadan*

Leave the Christians out of this. Not interested. I don’t have a problem with Christians I have a problem with you, Muslim men high on patriarchy who can’t accept the fact that their interpretations are incorrect and an affront to the religion and that they totally suck at arguing, use completely irrelevant pieces of information to cover it up, and have the audacity to even think they can tell me what to do.

I know a Richard Dawkins when I see one.

When you are so insecure in your faith that you have to put down the faiths of others, that is pretty damn pathetic.

And by the way, the taking verses out of context thing? You’re really thick if you STILL believe two can’t play that game.

12 thoughts on “Oh My God. Shut Up About the Christians.

  1. That kind of "argument" is aggravating. It evades the issue in question. Most people don't know how to conduct a real intellectual inquiry or have a real intellectual discussion. That's sad.


  2. That reminds me of the Argumentum ad Muslimum, when an atheist responds to accusations of sexism by saying "But Muslim women have it so much worse! WHAT ABOUT TEH FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION?!?!?!?!?!"To complete the trifecta, Christian men really ought to respond to accusations of sexism by pointing out how atheist women have it worse…


  3. debate? muslim men lecture too much and it's become all they know how to do!that's why when they're up against you all they can do is bitch about christiansmen need to stop talking for/about women period.


  4. Ozy: LOL! Thanks for the trifecta joke–I needed a laugh. =)GallingGalla: Yes!Steve: It's not surprising to me. Hope is a redemptive result of discrimination and hardship, like anti-bodies to a virus.aziza: It allows them to escape responsibility for anything. They think they don't have to put it to practice because in the theory of Islam women's rights are respected.And when you tell them they're wrong about translations and implementations they panic and start with, "Well, if you were a Christian woman things would be worse!"Great. Go tell a Christian feminist. You wouldn't last a second.I think that's why this particularly pisses me off–I know what it's like to have people take verses from your religious text out of context, why the hell would you do this to someone else? Religious feminists from other faiths have an uphill battle to reclaim the true religion from the corruptions of patriarchy as well; it infuriates me to no end to hear a man outside their faiths who will never understand this struggle arrogantly trash their efforts.


  5. I have nothing productive to contribute, I just wanted to say I read your 'I am smarter than you' tag as 'I am shorter than you.' Which should totally be one of your tags.


  6. You know, this reminds me a lot of how culturally-Christian atheists like myself get a lot of shtick for criticising or making fun of Christianity (in my case, Catholicism and the whole Irish Catholic/Protestant mess) in ways we don't do towards Islam. ..it's always Islam, by the way. They never say "oh, you'll say that about the Catholics, but I never hear you mentioning the Buddhists!". Funny, that…I think Dara O'Briain kinda nailed it here, though. Warning for truly Irish levels of language, by the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPkuWf6IDZY



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