To Keep in Mind Tomorrow

I really love this campaign against the stereotyping and appropriation of non-White cultures for Halloween costumes.

And then this one!

Okay, the first time I saw that I cringed. My instinct was that the intention of the message was to disparage, in a “cute” way (oh look! her culture is magic!), especially since it appears to be attributed to a satire site. FemFreq interpreted it as a comment on hyper-sexualization (note the short skirt), or that the female gender is not a costume–but I think the latter only makes sense if it were a guy dressed as a girl just for Halloween and diminishing the entire sex to a stereotyped costume. Then it occurred to me that that is Emma Watson, holding up a picture of a fake Emma Watson (or Hermione Granger, holding up a picture of a fake Hermione Granger)–that her identity is not a costume and… she doesn’t dress like that. Emma Watson is a real person, and traipsing around sexualizing another woman? Yeah, disturbing and not okay.

So take your pick.

Were I celebrating, I would be the black swan from Black Swan.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “To Keep in Mind Tomorrow

  1. It’s actually become a meme, of which, I guess, the Hermione poster is a relatively tasteful part. There are all kinds of horrible parody posters making fun of the campaign.



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