6 thoughts on “breastfeeding

  1. YES!

    Except in toilets. I HATE breastfeeding in toilets when there is not an appropriate safe space for mothers to nurse.

    My favourite place so far was breastfeeding a 12 month old Eryn at ‘Eid prayers, in the musallah, with no barrier. Meaning we both got to enjoy the talk and the celebration instead of being exiled to “the mother’s room”.


  2. Definately. I hate the fact that our organs have been over-sexualized and now we can’t even use them for a natural purpose in public because it’s icky or something. FFS


  3. maz

    When I was in Afghanistan last year (one of the most conservative societies I’ve encountered), I noticed breastfeeding was part of normal family activity- no need to hide it away.



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