Whenever I’m asked to write an autobiographical section following a piece, I’m astounded that anyone cares or would be interested. Besides, what information could I possibly provide that would disclose who I am adequately? Could I encompass my entire being in a few short sentences? The notion is daunting and perplexing, and for the most recent request, after several minutes I wrote: Nahida sometimes wishes she were a more practical woman, but she is not practical enough to wish it often.

8 thoughts on “autobiographies

  1. Ramy

    it’s a reflection of the overwhelming tendency toward reductionism in all aspects of the social and physical sciences of the past couple of centuries


  2. Coolred38

    There is a website (of which the name escapes me just now) in which people are told to explain their life in 6 words. It is rather amazing how some of these short sentences say so much…with so few words.

    Sometimes we just need to set barriers, limits, time..anything that will get the creative juices flowing…and from which our best work emerges.


  3. Sylvilagus Osmanthus Floridanus

    I never know what to put for an autobiography either…I think I’ve mostly summed it up with my nickname here, ha! Also, I’ve been reading for awhile and wanted to de-lurk to say that you’re awesome and I love reading your work!


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