They are coming for the vote.

FOX News is not fringe. It is mainstream.

I knew this was happening the minute the Equal Pay Act in Wisconsin was repealed.

Did you think it would stop at legalizing rape and challenging Roe vs. Wade?

They voted against the Violence Against Women Act, they filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act, they have persistently attacked YOUR healthcare, and they WILL take your vote.

After all, they have already taken your voice.

I don’t usually consider myself partisan, but any woman voting Republican is OUT OF HER FUCKING MIND.

These are the SEXIST hypocritical MONSTERS who invaded Iraq with the arrogant pretense of “saving Muslim women”!

P.S. Abusive control freak who attempts to forcibly prevent his wife from practicing her God-given right to vote supports Scott Walker. Big surprise.

4 thoughts on “They are coming for the vote.

  1. Lana

    Have you heard that Limbaugh made a “Rush Babes for America” FB page following Obama’s support for marriage equality? And keeps referring to us as faux-feminists. Like he fucking knows.


    1. *pukes*

      Yeah ’cause I need the douchecanoe who says he supports the women’s movement FROM BEHIND, refers to me as a feminazi slut, sexually harasses a woman fighting for healthcare, makes a degrading FB page, and says feminism is just an excuse for unattractive women to feel accepted while HE looks like a revolting man-slug, telling me what feminism is.

      Don’t even mention him. Every time I hear his name I want to grab a shotgun.


    1. mandating unnecessary trans vaginal probe to acquire an abortion, and other attempts to legalize rape, including restricting the definition to “forcible rape”

      It’s not meant to be clear, they are quick references to be picked up by people who are already aware.



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