a lesson in logical fallacies, to my critical thinking instructors

no true scotsman


this cannot be a true Muslim
true Muslims are terrorists
at a fundamental(ist) level

friendly feminist fire:

you cannot be a true
religious woman;
religion is anti-feminist and what
you practice is not



a man of color
accuses a woman of racism
for rejecting his advances

because white men are
to women as property

and why should male privilege
be confined
to white men?

loaded question


“why do they hate us?”

post hoc


there is an earthquake
because women
show too much skin
a religious leader says


there they are, playing race
like a card

because that’s what they do

(we never acted as though we
were entitled to women of color;
we’ve no idea where they got the message that
white men have a privilege over women so
if men of color don’t, it’s racist

no idea at all)

blind loyalty


the united states is never wrong



he did not rape that woman
because it was morning and
she said ‘yes’ the previous night
besides, he is
a liberal hero
and believes in women’s autonomy

tu quoue


we tortured them but
do you know what they’d do to us?



a man tells a group of women
before his argument
that they are not to accuse him of sexism
or behave in other such hysterics

ad hominen


this is an enemy news source
don’t expect the truth

red herring


in regards to us not legally protecting
women who are victims of violence,
let’s talk about more
important things

slippery slope


—like how egypt will found
a caliphate
if the revolution continues

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