I’m not even finished.


As if it matters, *this* barrier can be seen here.

As the Prophet did, we are meant to pray with no barrier. Incidentally, what is it with men who look for every way possible to accommodate their own unprecedented preferences so they can squeeze as much privilege out of it as they can?

2 thoughts on “I’m not even finished.

  1. Khaned

    Worst of all, men and even women still support barrier to exclude women in the House of God and cannot understand the damage in our Ummah. This problem is even worse in my hometown,India. You’ll be considered lucky if you found a mosque with a tiny dungeon called women section.Sadly,there is no awareness about this problem here unlike Muslims from other parts of the world.
    Plus, thank you Nahida, the awesome writer to bring back our rights ordained by God.People like you gives me hope about revival of Islam. :’D



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