The “female” orgasm is not complex.

We’re using quotations obviously because not everyone with a vagina is female. I am not the person to write this post, but I need to say it. I have no idea if someone has written this post already. But I hope so, because someone should—this post needs to exist. So I might elaborate/rant more on this later, but every time I’m cruising through a scientific article and I read mystified complaints and/or amused jabs about how “mysterious” and “complex” the female orgasm is, I feel sorry for people with vaginas/clitorises/g-spots who’d like to orgasm. I genuinely believe men collectively participate in this ongoing gag about how difficult it is to make a woman orgasm consciously with the objective that they don’t have to actually exert themselves in the efforts of learning. You literally. Just rub. It’s not that different. Really.

Again, though, I’m not the person to write this, so someone take this assignment from me, please? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “The “female” orgasm is not complex.

  1. Addled

    Lol I haver got the clitoral orgasm as being so elusive, like you said just rub. I haven’t experienced a g-spot orgasm just because I haven’t tried but I imagine it is “just thrust”.



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