The only time we care about intersectionality and Islamophobia is to include Muslim men.

We don’t care about sexist Islamophobia. The men-represent-your-religion-not-you Islamophobia. The prioritize-me-because-I’m-a-Muslim-man Islamophobia.

We don’t care about homophobic Islamophobia, biphobic Islamophobia, transphobic Islamophobia, anti-LGBTQ Islamophobia. The you-can’t-be-Muslim-if-you-love-the-wrong-person Islamophobia. The I’m-going-to-beat-this-out-of-you Islamophobia.

We don’t care about misogynoiristic Islamophobia. The how-can-you-talk-about-Boko-Haraam-when-there-are-drones-in-Afghanistan Islamophobia. The your-body-is-inherently-opposed-to-hijab Islamophobia.

We don’t care about anti-black Islamophobia. The black-Muslims-are-an-afterthought-not-the-founders-of-Islam-in-this-illegal-nation Islamophobia. The we-don’t-claim-black-artists-as-Muslim Islamophobia.

We don’t care about ableist Islamophobia. The pray-at-home-because-we-only-have-stairs Islamophobia. The your-morality-doesn’t-matter-on-judgement-day-anyway-so-don’t-burden-us Islamophobia.

We don’t care about classist Islamophobia. The it’s-getting-harder-and-harder-to-afford-college Islamophobia. The rich-Muslims-were-the-chosen-ones-for-the-pilgrimage Islamophobia.

We don’t care about anti-indigenous Islamopbobia. The isn’t-your-culture-inherently-incompatible-with-Islam Islamophobia. The we-are-immigrants-pursuing-the-american-dream Islamophobia.

We don’t care about any and all combinations of these. All we care about is when a Muslim man is attacked for being a Muslim man and another Muslim happens to complicate this because she is the Wrong Kind Of Muslim. Then suddenly his specific straight-male-able-cisgender-no-intersection struggle applies to all of us. Then suddenly the ummah is united for men. Then suddenly we are propping up the work of black women and chanting intersectionality, intersectionality.


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