What are dimensions really? It was in the middle of reviewing a legal brief at work when I suddenly had the thought, and I texted my coworker who lives in Singapore. “Becky how do I know that I am three-dimensional?”

“Oh boy we are wading into deep philosophical waters,” she replied.

“Wiki says this,” I flipped to the page. “‘Calendar entries for example are usually 4D locations, such as a meeting at time t at the intersection of two streets (x and y) on some building floor (z).’ Does this mean we interact with 4-dimensionality all the time? Becky are we 4 dimensional?”

“We are constantly traveling through the fourth dimension,” she granted.

“Time is a dimension that qualifies us as who we are though,” I was so provoked I was reading everything she sent a second too late, “on top of height width and depth… Doesn’t that make us 4D? Becky how come I’m not 4D. Becky am I a human tesseract.”

“Your past, present, and future would have to be as much the same thing as your heel and toe.”

“Why hasn’t anyone told me I am so amazed I will cry,” I pined. “Becky my whole life I believed I was 3D.”

“You might still be.”

“Becky are we 19-dimensional? Are we any number of dimensions we list?” I paused. “CEO just walked by my office door and I had the weirdest look on my face and he stopped for a minute but then kept walking because I did not blurt out HOW DO I KNOW I AM 3D.”

“Lol! A+ very professional.”

“Becky when I see you again we are meeting in the 4th dimension.”

“Well it would be very difficult to meet outside of the 4th dimension.”

It occurred to me shortly after that, that 2- 3- 4D etc. could be any combination of all the dimensions that exist (e.x. one two-dimensional universe may have only width and length, but another could have only height and time) so that means each universe could have different combinations of what it means to be two- or three- or four- etc. dimensional in an infinite number of combinations. Imagine! Encountering a 3-dimensional creatures whose dimensions are different from yours.

Dear reader. Can you breathe? I have surely ceased to exist. I have dissolved into the universe(s), vanished into a serenade of nothingness. I have merged into every revolving planetary body.

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