Passing Torches

Occasionally I’m contacted by girls in their mid-teens (as young as 14) who’ve made poignant observations in the critiques and exegeses I produce, who add to them, who challenge them, who push them past boundaries I would have not known existed. I noticed a difference when I turned 25. I had always been the most inventive, and suddenly I was not–not compared to the 19-year-old sitting next to me at a party. And it is the most exhilarating experience. I will never understand older people who think younger generations are “pushing it too far.” Those observations, critiques, perspectives and the arguments constructed from them are invaluable to the universal pursuit of truth.

The aforementioned 19-year-old (who has since grown a couple of years older) had remarked that my decolonized perspective on Islam had changed her own, lending her viewpoints of which she’d never heard. She will do more good for the world than I ever will, and I hope she knows this. I am so proud of her and flattered to be part of her legacy.


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