4 thoughts on “What does the Quran really say about a Muslim woman’s hijab? | Samina Ali

  1. tulinio

    Salaam Nahida! I’ve watched this TED talk many times but have never been that into it. While I love and agree with her overall message comparing the true Islamic status of women with the patriarchal fatwas we see today, I found her discussion of hijab/veiling (supposedly the central theme of the talk) confusing at best, and at worst deeply troubling.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but it seemed like her reasoning for why hijab isn’t mandatory (“a woman’s way of dress should be based on her function in society”) is based on the historical policing of women’s veils/hijabs to separate free and enslaved women, which bothered me a lot. I also didn’t like the rhetoric presenting hijab/”traditional” forms of covering as inherently restrictive, harmful and/or unsuited for the US today. I’m very willing to reevaluate my opinion if I missed something, so what did you think of these parts of her talk?


  2. Hello! I thought the video was very interesting. My main question is does this impact how women should be dressed when praying? Does one not need to cover their hair in prayer?



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