Some modest announcements.

Look, I know I’m like that wild world-traipsing aunt you have with outlandish fashion choices who disappears for three years and then comes bearing gifts to buy earn your love, but the good thing about her is that… she comes bearing gifts.

My short story, “How to Love a Rabbit” was published in Catapult magazine. The title changed a few times, from “A Slight Imperfection” to “A Discounted Side on a Fractured Shape” to (finally) “How to Love a Rabbit,” which my editor suggested and which I finally acknowledged was a more effective title for publishing online, since it’s more tangible and less abstract.

As someone who is rather introverted, I have been the closest friends with some of my coworkers. This short story was written as a goodbye present for one of them, who incidentally appears as a character within the story. I won’t say which to protect her, but you’re free to guess.

There’s a possibility that I might self-publish my first novel, Why the Sirens Sing, rather than endure the tedious process of finding an agent. About 500 readers would have to preorder it for me to do that, which is unlikely, because six people read this blog. If you would order and read it though, send me an email. I promise I’ll actually respond instead of world-traipising.

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