Say Something

Today I happened across a recording of Jennifer, a friend of mine from grad school, and I stumbling over the piano attempting to play “Say Something.” There are loads of mistakes. It was about four years ago and a wonder to hear again.

(If you want to distinguish between our voices, she’s the who starts out saying, “I don’t remember.”)

I’m amused, and it lightened my mood.


(Some of you were asking where the video of me reading this aloud went. I took it down. As a response to the inquiries, I’m posting the content as imaged text.)

One day I wrote my own obituary with having imagined that I accomplished nothing in order to confront my worst truths about myself and, subsequently, to relieve myself of them, and you all have to promise that when I die you’ll print it. (Click twice to enlarge.)

I hope this has helped you face your own anxieties. x