Important Announcement: I am on my period.

It’s almost over actually, but someone tweeted today that her mother asked her, “Are you wearing nail polish to announce to the world that you’re menstruating?”

To which I personally would have answered:

Fuck yeah.

I’m actually not as fond of nail polish as I am of red lipstick and black eyeliner. What I prefer having on my nails is a clean, natural French manicure. But I love wearing nail polish precisely because the world knows I’m menstruating. I love menstruating. It’s painful and messy and I love it. LOL PENIS ENVY. HAHAHAHAHA. Cis men and their patriarchy. You WISH you could give birth.

Color last month:

I tried to capture the bottle at an angle in which all composing colors can be observed. The primary color is a summer ocean teal, based on weak yellow and scaly green. On the edges of the bottle you can see the teal becomes deeper and turns into a gorgeous mesmerizing purple.

On nails in crappy morning lighting.
This does not do the color justice.

I may or may not do this every month.