Important Announcement: I am on my period.

It’s almost over actually, but someone tweeted today that her mother asked her, “Are you wearing nail polish to announce to the world that you’re menstruating?”

To which I personally would have answered:

Fuck yeah.

I’m actually not as fond of nail polish as I am of red lipstick and black eyeliner. What I prefer having on my nails is a clean, natural French manicure. But I love wearing nail polish precisely because the world knows I’m menstruating. I love menstruating. It’s painful and messy and I love it. LOL PENIS ENVY. HAHAHAHAHA. Cis men and their patriarchy. You WISH you could give birth.

Color last month:

I tried to capture the bottle at an angle in which all composing colors can be observed. The primary color is a summer ocean teal, based on weak yellow and scaly green. On the edges of the bottle you can see the teal becomes deeper and turns into a gorgeous mesmerizing purple.

On nails in crappy morning lighting.
This does not do the color justice.

I may or may not do this every month.

19 thoughts on “Important Announcement: I am on my period.

  1. 1) Nailpolish to announce you're menstruating? People do this? It's the first I've ever heard of it.2) I am currently wearing black polish with a top coat of blue sparkles. I enjoy this combination because in the sun it give the blue-black impression like Veronica Lodge's hair in the Archie Comics.3) I am vastly jealous of your manicure. My nails usually look terrible because for one, I suck at painting my nails – shaky hands and no patience, and end up touching stuff – and for two I have a bad habit of playing my guitar with no pick and strumming with my fingers which tends to scrape the polish off my index and middle fingers on my right hand.


  2. Muslims aren't supposed to wear nail polish because during ablution the water doesn't cleanse the surface of your nails (nailpolish acts as a barrier) and the ablution is incomplete. But during our periods we're not required to pray, so a lot of us wear nailpolish then.That sounds gorgeous. I love the darker bases with sparkles. I'm on the search for a blackened velvety red.My right hand never looks as clean as my left hand. =P Also, if I get a French manicure, I gotta pay for it, 'cause there's no way I can do it myself.


  3. When you write "Muslims aren't supposed to wear nail polish because during ablution the water doesn't cleanse the surface of your nails (nailpolish acts as a barrier) and the ablution is incomplete" you make it sound like this is fact rather than interpretation/opinion. I would love to see an "I believe" or "I was taught" in statements like that.


  4. On that note (about being careful with wording) what I'd actually meant was "commonly accepted in the Muslim community" because I don't even know if I personally see this as an obligation: there is so much to be said about the significance of the motions and the symbolized depth of ablution in purifying not only your body but your heart that I feel it's debatable whether or not nailpolish makes a difference on the shallow surface.


  5. BTW, if you're right-handed, your left hand probably looks cleaner because it IS cleaner. Most people's non-dominant hands have more bacteria and crap on them because they use their dominant hand to clean it better when washing. Truefax.



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